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How to play: The Rules of the Game

Basic guidelines:

Padel is a very simple and dynamic game. You only need 4 players eager to enjoy themselves. Padel looks like a doubles tennis match, but with the difference that it is played in a much smaller enclosed court and the ball can be played off the walls.
Scoring and layout in Padel is identical to those of tennis, however, the ball can bounce and re-bounce off the walls. The ball can only bounce once on the turf before being returned to the other half of the court.
Players choose the sides of the court, which will be interchanged every three games.

Low hand service is mandatory and the ball must bounce on the opposite and diagonal square before being returned by the rival player.

 How do you use the walls?

Walls support the returning of the ball, as shown in the videos, the ball can bounce on the turf, then on the wall and be returned directly, or be returned by bouncing it to the wall again without letting it bouncing on the turf a second time in the returning side of the court.
Important: the ball should bounce only one time on the turf as in tennis.
Scoring, number of games in a set and number of sets to be played are analogical to tennis; a match could be placed to the best of either 3 or 5 sets.

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